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Operation of the wrench

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  AN21-550 Pneumatic nut runner

  Pay attention to the position of the reversing switch before operation, so that you can know the direction of rotation when operating the intake valve

  Be sure to ensure the compressed air entering the air motor of the wrench: clean and dry air with a maximum pressure of 6.0bar. Otherwise, it may/unavoidably lead to dangerous situations such as driveline failure, overspeed, rupture, wrong output torque, etc.

  Make sure all hoses and other connections are correctly sized and securely installed; do not use damaged, worn or aged air hoses and other connections; it is recommended that an emergency shut-off valve be installed on the air supply line and that others Find out where it is installed.

  Before operating the machine, be sure to check that there is enough lubricating oil in the oil cup. Lack or no lubrication will accelerate air motor blade wear, resulting in reduced tool performance and increased maintenance.

  The body posture must be balanced and stable, and the tool should not be operated too much. When turning on and operating the tool, prevent and be alert to sudden changes in torque and force in motion.

  In the event of a hose failure or broken connection, install an appropriately sized air safety device upstream of the hose and use a stabilizer through any hose connection to prevent the hose from wobbling without shutting off the inside of the hose.

  This tool is a torque tool with a reaction arm. The huge torque generated by the machine is absorbed by the reaction arm.

  Therefore, it is necessary to find a supporting point of sufficient strength for the reaction arm during operation. In view of safety considerations, when the machine is working, be sure to stay away from the working range of the reaction arm, otherwise, it may/unavoidably cause huge personal injury.

  (Q)PTW series pneumatic torque wrench achieves precise torque control by adjusting the mechanical gear, air source processing components, and power management system. The operations are as follows:

  Mechanical gear: check the torque comparison table, and adjust the shift knob to 1st or 2nd gear.

  Adjust the air supply pressure to the required pressure as follows.

  Lift the adjusting nut up and turn clockwise to increase pressure and counterclockwise to decrease pressure.

  After adjusting to the working pressure, be sure to press down the pressure regulating nut to fix it.

  When adjusting the pressure, there will be a small amount of leakage, which is a normal phenomenon.

  Referring to the torque comparison table, adjust the power adjustment knob to the appropriate position, 1 is the minimum, 4 is the maximum.

  This system allows the operator to reduce the maximum output power in the forward direction. But the power management system has a reverse

  output power is not affected.

  The power level indication is for reference only and does not indicate specific power. Using a variable stem, it is possible to

  to further adjust the forward or reverse output power.

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