Company Introduction

ROSIT At a Glance

ROSIT Group is a leader in the global power tool service market. We specialize in electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic drive technologies, offering a wide range of high-quality industrial tools including cutting, drilling, assembly, demolition, grinding tools, lifting equipment, fluid control and accessories, and consumables. We deeply engage with our customers, understanding their application needs and providing comprehensive solutions and communication channels to help them improve production, procurement, inventory logistics, and management challenges.

Through continuous research and innovation, our team steadily enhances product safety, efficiency, and portability, aiming to provide customers with superior industrial-grade tools, mature system solutions, and services to significantly boost work efficiency and productivity.

Our core values of "Customer, Product, Innovation, Goal, Win-Win" prioritize customer-centricity, establishing a robust and streamlined system to offer a complete solution from industrial tools to related equipment, components, and consumables for global industrial clients. With our "safe, efficient, lightweight" products and clear service guarantees, we aim to bring greater benefits to ROSIT users and employees worldwide.

Our Mission:

We provide mature problem-solving solutions and fast, reliable supply tailored to customer needs, helping them achieve greater success. 

Our Pilosophy:

Direct customer service; mature product solutions; robust brand philosophy; clear quality assurance; long-term thinking; win-win corporate culture.

Our Vision:

To become a world-class supplier of industrial-grade tools.

Our Core Values:

We are customer-centric, product-driven, innovation-powered, goal-oriented, and value-contributing.