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Tool Maintenance

Guidance on pneumatic tools maintenance

The owner or operator must have the maintenance habit so that the working life will be longer. Sometimes, the damages are caused because of no maintenance or being without knowledge of maintenance. 

Every time before using or operating, please drip 3-4 drops of oil to lubricate the machine to reduce the abrasion.

Better to add a filter for the air supply machine to provide the dry, purified air, and add oil for lubricating, and adjust the appropriate working pressure. Replace the damaged parts, brush some anti-rust oil to protect rusty and block the air inlet and other inlets to prevent the dirt into the machine.

When using or operating the tools, please don’t work over its maximum pressure. When replacing the tools or parts, please remove it first from the air supply machine. When working or operating, please wear the protective glasses, ear-blocks, mask to keep yourself safe. When operating, please don’t wear the causal large clothes, scarf, tie or jewelry in order not to be rolled into the machine. When connecting with the high pressure air supply machine, you are not supposed to press the wrench before working.

All the parts are supposed to be in good condition any time, therefore it will be dangerous if there is a loosen part. When replacing the worn-out parts, please use the professional parts. Please don’t point at yourself or at others when operating any machine.

Safety instructions

Check the air supply pipeline and the connector to see if there is any air leaking place. The air inlet should seal well and the switch should be flexible. All the air circuit should be without air leaking problem.

If there is corrosion, leaking, bulge phenomenon, please replace the part immediately. Checking if all the parts are in good conditions or not. If so, please replace it as soon as possible.

Check the rotating speed and condition and for impact tools. Ensure the loosen parts are in good condition.

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